The Last Smoke

Going the way of the dinosaurs. The dodo bird. The pet rock. It’s the last smoke. The very last cigarette that ever existed. Picture a beautiful future where smoking is in our rearview. (Because they’re dangerous, gross and, most importantly, make you look like a giant nincompoop.)


Quit It.

There once was a time when the human race would smoke cigarettes, cigars and vape pens for whatever reason, despite the fact that they shortened their lives and spurred sometimes incurable diseases. (Not to mention they smelled like warmed-up garbage.)

Quit the Habit

Tour the Museum

The Museum of Extinction plays home to mementos from bygone species, eras… and bad fashion choices. Explore our array of long-since-gone exhibits.


Boom Box
Cassette Era, 1962-1995
Sci. Name: Sayus Anythingicus

Partial gift of the Association for Breakdancing in memory of founder Sick Beatz, 1991.


Sabretooth Skull
Pleistocene, 2.50-0.8 Ma.
Subfamily: Machairodontinae

From the Feline Foundation, in honor of founder T.S. Jellicle, 1968..


Electric Typewriter
Paper Jam Era, 1900-1973
Sci. Name: Carriagite Returnicus

Partial gift of Steno Pools, Inc. in memory of CEO and president Tab Spacebar, 1983.


Compsognathus Fossil
Late Jurassic, 201.4-145.0 Ma.
Subfamily: Compsognathinae

From the Lost World Library, in honor of donar J. Goldblum, 1997.


Black-and-White Era, 1928-2004, A.D.
Sci. Name: Broadcastus Antennicus

Partial gift of Marshall G. Tube, in memory of mother Bunny Ayres, 2006.


Rotary Phone
Bell Era, 1891-1963
Genus: Operati

Partial gift of Party Line Productions, in memory of Mr. Watson, 1975.

Foam Era, circa 2001
Genus: Cloggite

Partial gift of the Rubber Sole Contingent in memory of founder O.Y. Foote, 2003.

The Last Smoke
Tobacco Era, 800-2023 A.D.
Genus: Nicotinus

Partial gift of the South Dakota Smoker, 2023.

Tendriled Ball
Neon Era, circa 1987
Genus: Kooshiferus

From the American Rubber Project, in memory of board president Maxwell Filament, 1999.

Game Console
Cartridge Era, circa 1989
Genus: Nintendrite

From an anonymous Italian donor, in memory of his brother Mario Plumber, 1995.

Be a Part of History.

Quitting takes courage. Be a part of the movement to make smoking history. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone.


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